Corporate Mentor Associates
Corporate Mentor Associates is the No. 1 Japanese language training provider for the corporate and business houses. The firm is established in the heart of Chennai.

The firm is also providing Business Consultancy for IT and Non-IT sectors with special focus on Japan. The Business consultancy includes assistance in market research, commissioning and execution of the projects.

The firm's expertise in the above field is also exhibited in additional jobs like Interpretation and Translation of English Language documents to Japanese language as well as from Japanese to English Language.

  The team are the stalwarts of experts who is having a rich implementation experience in their respective domains, positioned in India and Japan. They are led by Mr. S. Ananthakrishnan, (AK San) B.Sc., M.B.A., who had decades of experiences in Mercantile Marine, Information Technology, Mentoring, Business Consultancy etc. The team is highly committed to perform and follows a principle of dedication to excellence which is a way of life in CMA. As on date more than 700 bilinguals are trained personally by him and are occupying various prestigious positions around the globe.
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